Girl Guides South Australia Inc

Girl Guides South Australia Incorporated - since 1912 in South Australia

Guiding is the largest movement of girls and women in the world and offers challenging, active
programs for girls aged 5 to 18+. Girl Guides gives an all round education for girls, building resilience and responsible attitudes. Girls meet weekly as a community based unit and girls enjoy the fun, friendship and adventure of Guiding, with support and mentoring from Guide Leaders and Unit Helpers. Community volunteers are welcome to talk with Girl Guides SA about hands-on opportunities for leadership in Guides.  



At Guides you will learn about the world around you and do things like explore, make useful items, carry out science investigations and perform in drama and entertainment activities. You'll learn about traditions and cultures from other countries, plus do special activities such as canoeing, camping and outdoor cooking. Each week when you come to Guides, you have fun doing things like games, crafts, and learning survival skills.

At Guides you learn about the amazing world around you and get involved in planning and research, investigating and reporting. You will be with other girls like yourself, under the direction of a Guide Leader and a Unit Helper. At Guides you meet amazing people like your Leader, Unit Helpers and special guests who visit the Unit from time to time. And you will get to know girls who live in your community. And, bonus, you will connect to millions of girls in Australia and around the world, who are part of the global network of Girl Guides.

At Guides you will be welcomed and feel at home. You will make friends and work together as part of a Unit. So come on - Give Guides a Go.



At Guides we know how important it is to raise children with flexible skills, confidence and a good attitude. We want our daughters to be positive contributors to our community. That’s why Guides has designed programs specifically for girls, to help them learn new skills and grow in a non-competitive, accepting environment. There is nothing better that you can do for your daughter’s self-esteem than to allow her to succeed at a variety of activities, in the company of friends with common interests.
If you would like to help your daughter to step up to a world of opportunity as a Girl Guide contact Guide House (08) 8418 0900.


Girl Guides SA Inc

Girl Guides started in SA in 1912 and today has over 2000 members. The Girl Guide network needs Leaders to run our Units. Leaders come from all sorts of backgrounds; they might be parents, single women who work full time, women who are new to their community, or women looking for a way to make a difference in their communities. There’s no need to have been a Guide yourself! Guide Leaders are people who care.
For information and a chat about Leadership with Guides, and on ways to get involved, contact Guide House on (08) 8418 0900 and talk with us.

 Join us - call Guide House on (08) 8418 0900 for referral to your local Guide Unit and for membership information or visit for more detailed information.

Volunteer time to a Guide Unit - call Guide House on (08) 8418 0900 for a contact and discussion with experienced Leaders.