Nature Trail
All the trails around Douglas Scrub Campsite take in the natural environment. There is a specific Nature Trail that shows our natural environment at its best. While you meander around the campsite you will see a range of animals, birds, reptiles, plants and butterflies. Watch out for the echidna near the dam along with the ducks, the family of kangaroos that have the run of the site, the butterflies and the luminescent toadstools near the dam.
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The Earth Education Program
Earth Wonders:
A environmental program for children from 6 - 9 years of age.  Multiple small activites than can be woven into an activity program to initiate interest in the environment.  There is magic in the natural world for children to find.  Props and information sheets are available for hire.  Some training is required for facilitators or a facilitator can be booked and hired in advance.
This Earth Education Program is designed to teach basic ecological concepts, to let young people experience the wonders of the natural work and to help everyone realise that each of us has an effect on the health of the planet because of the way we use or misuse and waste energy and materials.  The Earthkeepers program is suitable for children 9 - 11 years of age.  During the camp two of four keys are earned as the young people go through the activites and unlock secret environmental meanings from special boxes.  The final two keys are earned at home or at school.  Props and staff are required to effectively run this program.  Two Outdoor Activity providers and the Girl Guides have staff that can be booked and hired in advance for this program.
Sunship III:
Another Earth Education Program designed for young people aged 12 - 14 years of age. During this program the young people will fly around on Sunship Earth and learn how they fit into life on the planet. They will discover how they affect these systems for good or bad, and how to take responsibility to lessen their impact. During their experience on the 'Ship of Life' they will be learning about the concepts of energy flow, cycles, and interrelationships in "Systems of Life"; about “Sections Of Life” by learning about natural communities; and finally their own personal “Styles Of Life.”  Props and staff are required to run this program and a booking must be made prior to the camp.