City in the Trees:
Build your campsite in the trees.  Selected campsite areas are available with the equipment to build the platforms above the ground.  Suitable for small groups to sleep out under a tarp or erect a self standing tent on the platforms.  The poles, ropes and rope ladders are available for booking.  Some training is required for the supervisors or Leaders prior to using this equipment or an Activity Facilitator can be booked. Girl Guide and Scout units will find this activity a different way to camp.
There are numerous ropes, bags, lashing ropes, poles, pegs and pulleys available for bridges, ladders, towers and gateways.  Some qualifications may be required depending on the activity planned.  Please contact the booking secretary and the Douglas Scrub Campsite Manager or Staff.
Orienteering & Geocaching:
An orienteering course is available for use.  You will require compasses.  Please contact the booking secretary for the brochure.  There are also some geocaches hidden on the site just bring your satelite device with you and the brochure from the booking secretary.
Outdoor cooking:
A number of cooking barrels and fire pits are available to light fires and arrange for some gourmet food for your camp. 
Fauna and Flora activities:
Animal footprint plaster casting equipment is available and includes the 'footprints', mixing bowls and collars.  Plaster of Paris needs to be purchased by contacting the booking secretary.
Bird watching can be just by finding a seat anywhere but two purpose built bird hides are found near the dam and between Forrest Reserve and Pine Flat campsites.  There is a bird list of 88 species recorded at Douglas Scrub Campsite.
For those people interested in Plant identification there are over 200 species of plants recorded in the campsite area.  Douglas Scrub Campsite is host to over 25 species of orchids from the tiny green hooded orchids at 5cm tall in August to the stately spider, donkey and blue orchids that flower in September to October.
At night a walk should show many possums and spiders as well as the luminescing toadstools.  The Toadstools during the day are a yellow colour and large sometimes 15 - 20cm across and 10cm high.  They don't happen every year but look for them along the tracks near the dam and along Alec's Gate Track.  Go back at night to see the purple glow.
A volley ball net is set up on Pine Flat.  This is also ideal for fun badminton games. Please provide your own sporting equipment. The large area in front of the Ken Maguire Shed is great for team games.
Exploring the Arts:
The amphitheatre on Ken Maquire Reserve can seat 1500 people.  Power is available to a stage area of 5m x 4m.  No lighting or audio equipment is available.
Boomerang making is available for $5 per person. This includes boomerang blanks, files, clamps, sandpaper and instructions.  You'll need to supply permanent markers for individual designs.